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Food Pond Yuanye Art Festival 2020

Fishpond Sweet Sustainable Festival 2020

"Food Pond Yuanye Art Festival" is co-organized by the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Art Dajia. The two organizations will work with a number of eco-environmental artists to carry out residency creations at Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long. "Online Exhibition" exhibited works, bringing the "Fish Pond Culture" of Yuen Long into the city.


The fish ponds in the northwestern New Territories are a paradise for migratory birds and land that real estate developers are eyeing. However, the real "property" is the product of the land. People "get food" not because they have money, not because there are supermarkets, or because there are fishermen and farmers. The land is actually giving birth to food. With the theme of "Food", this art festival allows urbanites to experience the earth with their taste, to savor the hard work of fishermen with their taste buds, and to rethink everything the earth has given us from the taste. Through sight, hearing, taste and touch, we will use the five senses to taste nature and feel the source together with the citizens.

"Shitang Yuanye Online Exhibition" will have 3 parts, including workshop results, Shitang Yuanye art works exhibition and fish zine. The results of the preliminary workshops and the works of the 4 resident artists will be displayed in the form of an online exhibition, hoping to connect the audience and the community through artistic creation.

In the early days of the festival, we took the lead in holding 3 Yuanye workshops hosted by local artists.


In addition, four artists in residence have been stationed in Tai Sang Wai regularly since October 2019, starting with "food", blending "fish pond culture" and creating creations.


In addition, we also invited 3 writers to write articles for "Shitang Yuanye Art Festival", to make written records around the people and things in Dashengwei, and edit them into "Fish Zine".


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