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Reed stems were the earliest drinking straws used, but with the advent of plastic drinking straws, it was convenient and quick to produce and instantly replaced natural materials. How many things can't escape this "destiny"?

The villagers who live by the fish ponds in Tai Sang Wai are good at making raw and sun-dried salty fresh food. The process is not complicated but requires patience. The concentration is very attractive. The process of making reed drinking straws from reeds is a tribute to these beautiful villagers.

Please use the high wall made of reed drinking straws one by one.

Come and create the changes of this work together, gather everyone's actions, and turn the reality into a virtual reality.

People used reed as straw in the early days. However, since the plastic straw has invented, straw made from natural materials was being forgotten in a second due to the non-convenience. This happens on many subjects throughout the years.  

Villagers from the fish pond are of Tai Sung Wai are very good at making salty fish. The processes of making salty fish are not complicated, but it takes patience. I adore their concentration. I would like to tribute this spirit of the villagers through the action of making straws from reed.  

Please take a straw from this wall of reed straws.  

Let's create the piece together by taking it down through your action.

SZE Ka Yan

Behind The Scenes

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