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Fish Zine


Brandon's Food Specimen House

"Chen Baijian (Brandon) is going to be a food specimen house about Tai Sang Wai. When I first arrived in Tai Sang Wai, the impression that every family is making their own food, such as drying salted fish and fruit peels, and many villagers are growing vegetables. In short, Everyone has their own way of handling food..."


Gaze at the daylight, reflect on the plain

"On the first night after moving into the Dasheng encirclement village, Ye Po's work schedule changed to early to bed and early to get up. He always got up at about four in the morning. It was still dark, but the entire Dasheng enclosure was full of the sounds of early birds. He wandered to every corner of the fish pond among the sound of birds, watching the sunrise from different angles: sometimes hiding behind the leaves, watching the bright white sunlight illuminate the branches floating on the water. White, sometimes the sunlight in the sky illuminates the ripples of the pool water into bright white circles..."


Ash's Reed Drinking Straw

"Shi Jiayin (Ashi) wants to make the reeds from the fish ponds of Tai Sang Wai into a strip of drinking straws, and then pile the drinking straws into a small wall for those who come to visit to take them away. Reed stems are a natural material. It was originally used to make drinking straws, but the materials and production process were too slow, and later they were replaced by plastic drinking straws...."


Wei Simin's Aconitum Feast

"Three years ago, Winnie came to Dashengwei for the first time because of work. Before that, she was a "very urban" urbanite and had never set foot in the countryside of Hong Kong. When I came to Tai Sang Wai, she was shocked when she saw neat rows of low village houses, a piece of farmland behind the village houses, and a very large fish pond behind the farmland. It turned out that Hong Kong still has such tranquility as a paradise. Village. At that time, she wanted to know the life of the villagers here. ...''

Siu Tung
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