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Fish Zine


Brandon's House of Food Specimen

"The work of Chan Pak Kin (Brandon) for the art festival is a house filled with food specimens originated from Tai Sang Wai. When he first came to Tai Sang Wai, he found that every household is making their own food.".. ....


Stare at the sun, reflect on the humdrum

"Since the first night on residency at Tai Sang Wai, Paul Yip has got into the habit of keeping good hours. He always woke up early at 4 am. Although the sky was still dark, the chirps of early birds resounded throughout every corner of the village. Between the twitters, Paul strolled to every spot around the fishponds to study the sunrise at different angles. Sometimes the sun glows behind the woods and illuminates the branches floating on the fishponds; at other times, it hangs on the sky and embellishes the ripples with rounds and rounds of glittering circles."......


Sze's reed straw

"SZE Ka Yan (Sze) makes straws with reeds picked from the fishponds in Tai Sang Wai and turns them into a wall of which the straws can be taken away by visitors. The stem of the reed was used to be a natural material to make straws but then was replaced by plastic because of the slow extraction and production processes."......


Ngai Sze Man's Feast with Grey Mullet

"Three years ago, Ngai Sze Man (Winnie) came to Tai Sang Wai for work for the first time. Previously, she was an urban dweller who was very used to city life and had never been to the countryside in Hong Kong. When she came to Tai Sang Wai, she saw for the first time the very neatly aligned rows of low-rise village houses with farmlands at the back, followed by a vast fish pond. She was shocked by the fact that there was still a beautiful, secluded place like this village. At that time, she came up with the idea of understanding the lives of the villagers here."......

Siu Tung
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