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Fish Zine


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Fish Zine


Yu Ruomei
Cally YU


Theme: Water Mirror Scenery

"On June 26, 2019, from the urban studio of Gege Coffin to Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long, the minibus passed through the rusty garden wall, waste car yard, car repair factory, and came to the Tai Sang Wai Village Office from the narrow road. Suddenly there was a bright light. Behind the small open space, dozens of stone houses were lined up straight, not tall, but very solid, quietly, neatly, standing upright, letting the sun and the birds sound full... "



Theme: The Wisdom of Sunshine

"When I come to Dashengwei, I always see a lot of local materials, free life wisdom, such as seeing what the villagers use to dry fish and vegetables?..."



Theme: Fruits of Tai Sang Wai

"Other fruits are also moving forward, the will to live, and the arrogance is green. When did humans really recognize their smallness, they are just a small character in the world, but they have to be aggressive, kill and eat, thinking that they can change everything and control others. Living beings will end up eating bitter fruit on their own..."



Theme: Water Table

"So that drifting frame is a dining table with 100% fish, and it is the eyes of a fish farmer, which can monitor the health of the fish. Simple and real. The wisdom of the fish farmer. People who love fish probably want the fish to jump directly on it. The dining table..."



Topic: Fish Pond Writing Workshop

"In October, there was a "We are not a dead fish" fish pond writing class that focused on text creation. The creator Yu Ruomei used the "Fish Book" as the format. Please carefully observe a complete fish bone that has been removed from the flesh, and then make a stroke of it. Draw the imaginary fish shape, and then use automatic writing on it to write the feeling of the day. ...''

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