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Fish Zine


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Fish Zine


Yu Ruomei
Cally YU


Theme: Sky Mirror

"On 26 June 2019, I came to Tai Sang Wai from my studio in the urban area filled with coffin-like buildings. On my way, the minibus passed through Fairview Park, scrap yards, and garages. The road leading to Tai Sang Wai Village Office was narrow, but the scenery suddenly came into view. Behind an open space were dozens of stone houses, which are not tall but very solid, standing quietly beside one another. The surroundings were filled with sunlight and the sounds of birds.. ....."



Theme:Wisdom of Drying

"When I come to Tai Sang Wai, I often see a lot of local and hands-on wisdom. For example, what do the villagers use to dry fish and vegetables?......"



Theme: Fruit in Tai

Sang Wai

"Other fruits were moving forward, exerting their will of living through their verdancy. When will human truly recognize their tininess? We play just a small role in the world, but we are so stubborn that we kill and eat presumptuously, thinking we can change everything and control other creatures. We will take the consequences of our own deeds......"



Theme:Tables on water

"So, the drifting frame is a dining table for the fishes and also the eyes of fish farmers. It can monitor the health of the fishes. It is simple and practical; it is the wisdom of the fish farmers. People who love to eat fish probably can't wait to see fishes jumping onto these square frames. ......"



Theme: Fishpond Writing Workshop

"Among them, there was a "We are not dead fish" fishpond writing class  in October. The creator Cally YU used the "Writing Fish" as a form and asked the students to observe a completely fleshed out fishbone carefully. The students then drew an imaginary fish in one stroke and used automatic writing to write on their feelings of that day. ....."

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