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Food Pond Yuanye Art Festival 2020

Fishpond Sweet Sustainable Festival 2020

The Fishpond Sweet Sustainable Art Festival is co-organized by Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Art Together. The two organizations, together with artists who also concern about the ecology and environment, have done in-situ creative works in Tai Sang Wai village, Yuen Long. The final works will be exhibited in the Fishpond Sweet Online Exhibition, bringing the “fishpond culture” into the cities.

The fishponds in northwest New Territories are paradise for migratory birds, as well as valuable land coveted by the property developers. Yet, the true “property” is the earth's property. We have food not because we have money, or supermarkets, or fishermen and farmers. The true “nursery” of food is the earth. The Art Festival is themed with “Eat”. Urban dwellers were to “taste” the earth and “savour” the fishermen's sweat and hard work with their taste buds. Amid the tasty indulgence, we were to rethink all the things our earth granted us. Together we availed of our senses, through our sight, hearing, taste and touch, to savour and feel the nature.


The Fishpond Sweet Online Exhibition consists  of 3 sessions, including the Fruitful Workshops, the Fishpond Sweet Artwork and FishZine. The works from the workshops in the early stages and by the four participating artists will be exhibited online, in hope of connecting the audience and the community through artistic creation.

During the early stages of the Art Festival, we organized three Fruitful Workshops led by local artists.


Besides, four participating artists had stationed in Tai Sang Wai since October 2019. Embarking from “food”, their creative journey is infused with “fishpond culture”.

Apart from that, we invited three writers to write for our Art Festival, revolving the people, the lives and the objects in Tai Sang Wai. These written records of the village have been edited into FishZine.

"We Are Not Dead Fish"

Writing Class at Fishponds

"Smoked Pottery Pond Fish" Outdoor Pottery Class

"Let's have a meal"

Fishpond Picture Recipe Workshop

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