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Fish Zine


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Attendee List

Yu Ruomei
Cally YU

Results of the Food Pond Workshop

Fruitful  Workshops 

Children in troubled times are unwilling to live, but their hearts are sad,

May wish to learn from the natural experience, open up the body, let go of thinking,

Listen to the birds, like a fish in a pond,

Write down the troubles and start again.

In troubled times,

young souls unwilling to beg for lives,

have their hearts broken.

Let's learn from nature.

Open up your body.

Throw away your thoughts.

Listen to the bird,

as if we are fishes swimming in fishponds.

Jot down all your annoyance

and get back on track.

"We are not dead fish" fish pond writing
"We Are Not Dead Fish" Writing Class at Fishponds
Participants' works
Participants'  Artworks

"Fish Book"

"Writing Fish"

Ink on paper  


Participants first carefully observe a complete fish bone that has been meatless, and then draw the imaginary fish shape in one stroke, and then use automatic writing on it to write the feeling of the day.  

Participants first observed a complete fish skeleton carefully. They then drew the fish figure from their imagination in one stroke. Finally, they used the automatic writing method to write down their feelings of that day on the drawing.