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I am Yueryou! tour!   Fish in the Pool  



Welcome to Tai Sang Wai, the home of Yu'er. Aconitum is the most representative authentic product in Dashengwei fish ponds.

Please prepare your taste buds to swim freely, experience and feel the life of fish. Follow the map in hand and follow the designated route to visually explore the growing environment of the fish-Tai Sang Wai; at the same time, explore and experience the life of the scorpionfish with the first sense of taste.


Welcome Home!  Grey Mullet is one of the most significant local food at Tai Sang Wai. Let's get ready your five senses  to experience a life of'Fish in the Pool'. The map will guide you to walk and taste the growth environment of grey mullet with the first-person perspective.

Wei Simin
Winnie NGAI


  The Flavor of Rice

This dish is a toast-like snack. The main ingredients are bread, tofu residue, etc., as well as some doll noodles and rice noodles. Just like the daily food of a blackhead fish, it feels like a mess of food.

This dish is a plate of toast-like snacks. The main ingredients are bread, soy pulp, as well as some instant noodles and rice noodles. She hopes the participants taste the food that grey mullets eat, of which an array of flavours intermixes.


Tong Yuen

This dish expresses the state of the blackhead fish just born in the fish pond. There will be a piece of blue ice in the plate. The ice is made of mint leaves, limes and some seasonal fruits. After the ice slowly melts, you need to use a drinking tube to suck the blue water point by point, like The act of sucking water by a blackhead fish.


This dish represents the state of a newly born grey mullet in a fishpond. On each plate, there is a piece of blue ice made of mint leaves, lime, and some seasonal fruits. As the ice slowly melts, the participants have to use straws for drinking the blue water, allegorising the process of grey mullets drinking water.



This dish is a dish of dessert-a marshmallow with a match placed next to it. After the participants struck a match, they could lightly bake the marshmallows with firelight and eat them again. One bite down, the soft marshmallows are inside. There are some uncooked doll noodles. This gustatory shock is imaginative of something soft and sweet on the surface. It turns out that there will be hard objects inside and will be damaged by fire, so as to express the harmful behavior of human activities to nature.

This dish is dessert —— a marshmallow with a match next to it. The participants can light the match and bake the marshmallow slightly before eating. Inside the marshmallow is some uncooked instant noodles. She hopes that the impact of taste will prompt the participants to imagine things that are soft and sweet on the surface can be hard inside and be burnt by fire. With this dish, she hopes to represent how human activities harm nature.