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Fish Zine


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Shitang Yuanye Art Exhibition

Online Exhibition

Chen Baijian
CHAN Pak Kin Brandon

Food Specimen House@大生围

House of Food Specimen @ Tai Sang Wai

Epoxy resins, Food specimen


The life and death of nature are between "eating". Everything is a very big circle, and many things in nature are circles; the one that connects this circle is food. This "eating" not only refers to the innate action of eating, but also the relationship between the emergence and disappearance of each life, which is dependent on and opposed to each other.


During my stay in Dashengwei Village, I talked to different villagers and got to know each other, asking about "food" stories. At the same time, various "foods" were collected from Tai Sang Wai Village and nearby fish ponds and made into "food specimens".

Alive and death exist between'Eating' in the nature together. Every things go round and round in nature, and link up through eating.'Eating' can not only be defining  an inborn ability, but also describing the relationship between different creatures, how they appear and disappear, depend and against each other.


While staying in Tai Sang Wai, having conversation with the villagers help to collect stories about'Eating'. Also,'Food' were collected there and then made into'Specimen'.

Behind The Scenes

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3 cups


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