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Fish Zine


Participating friends

Attendee List

Yao Junhua
YIU Chun Wa

Results of the Food Pond Workshop

Fruitful  Workshops 

Look for the most natural soil in the fish pond, color excavation and practice soil, and feel the umami taste of the fish with your hands.


Understand that there are different species of fish in the Tai Sang Wai fish pond, and create your own fish with pond mud.


Use industrial waste from fish ponds to build kilns, collect dead branches as fuel, and smoke pottery fish.


Out of the kiln! Add protective wax water to the pottery fish and restore everything.

Find, excavate, and knead the most natural soil around the fishponds. Feel the freshness of pond fishes with your own hands.


Learn about different species of fishes in the fishponds in Tai Sang Wai, and use the clay here to create your own pottery fish.


Use industrial waste near the fishponds to build a kiln. Collect branches as fuel to bisque fire the pottery fishes.


Unpack the kiln! Add a layer of protective wax to the pottery fishes to restore their freshness.

Outdoor pottery of "Tao Kiln Smoked Pond Fish"
"Smoked Pottery Pond Fish" Outdoor Pottery Class
Yao Junhua's works
YIU Chun Wa's Artworks

"Clay" Zi Tai Sang Wai 

Soil From Tai Sang Wai




The soil comes from the fishing pond

The concept comes from the participants

Wood ash comes from a pottery kiln

Cotton comes from Wu Tai

Set in one to become a master


Soil From Fishpond

Concept From Participants

Wood Ashes From Kiln

Cotton From Mrs. NG

Moulded Into One Single Vessel

Taste the mud

Savour The Soil



Participants' works
Participants'  Artworks

​Workshop Highlights Behind The Scenes

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