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Dream Catcher Workshop



With the theme of environmental protection and recycling,

Use recycled fabric as an element to create dream catchers,

To create blessings with remodeling and gratitude, hoping to make people pay more attention to the fun in life~


Note: You are welcome to bring recycled fabrics (shirts/hand towel fabrics) that you want to add to your creation

Date: April 3

Time: 12:00nn-1:30pm



*The quota is full, thank you for your support!


Mandala painting and sharing workshop

Zhang Suyi


Through the dots and lines, quietly painting the mandala in the afternoon, observe yourself and feel the rhythm and bless each other


Date: April 3

Time: 3pm-5pm



*The quota is full, thank you for your support!


Leaf rubbing

Natural context


Use the natural pigments given by nature, learn the techniques of dyeing,

Make interesting leaf patterns, make bookmarks and rope bags.

Date: April 3

Time: 1:45pm-2:45pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!


Pure slow

Slow-moving group


Calm down, breathe,

Feel the frequency of singing bowls,

Pure listening, pure walking,

Go through every step, start with your feet, and bring your heart back to the present moment.


Yuanye Forbidden Language Slow Travel, Relaxation, Massage Workshop and Group Picnic Sharing

Mo Yingshi (Vinci)


In the wild, in the bullpen, have you ever carefully observed and felt every inch, every scene, and every thing inside? Language is not the only way to communicate. I only use my brain and thinking all the time, but instead let my distracting thoughts continue to derive. It is hoped that the participants will be able to abandon the excess in the process, and be able to open up their awareness and focus more on listening and knowing the surroundings. Whether it is practice, contemplation, or a pure experience and journey, being able to share with each other is also a very important part of troubled times.



1) Participants are requested to budget to experience each section of the journey barefoot. Remember, outdoor or indoor roads may not be ideal and smooth

2) Forbidden to speak during the slow-moving source field

3) This workshop does not charge tuition, but participants need to prepare a certain amount of hot or dry food to share with other participants on a picnic in the source

Date: April 3

Time: 1:30pm-3pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!


Date: April 3

Time: 4:30pm-5:15pm


*Limited places, please click here to register first

Yuanye Tentative Body Sculpture Free Workshop

Mo Yingshi (Vinci)


The body of existence and non-existence; awareness of existence and non-existence; listening of existence and non-existence.

Are you moving, or someone else is moving you, never only dancers can move,

Let your body form a different artistic sculpture with the majestic taste of Tugua Bay and the scenery of the cowshed in Yuanye!

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