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"Lamma Mia" Public Art Project

"Lamma Mia" Public Art Project aims to tell the story of Lamma Island, its people, scenery and its past with a focus on Sok Kwu Wan. The project consists of a series of programmes, including fieldwork and research, artists-in-residence, in-situ art exhibition, guided tours, community workshops and documentary screenings.

The project revolves around the living experience of the local residents in South Lamma, exploring the natural landscape, ecology, history and culture of the island. Participating artists also attempt to explore more about South Lamma through research and interview as well as public engagement in the artwork creation process.

Exhibition Map

Project Introduction
lamma_mia_map_v3_11_25 (1).png
螢幕截圖 2021-12-21 下午2.53.45.png
Enquires:3705 8612 / 2512 3000
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