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Hong Kong Really Really Free Market


``Let's take care of yourself''!

A "Utopian economy" space does not ask for any price, does not involve any money or material transactions, it is purely "giving" and "sharing" between people! In the two-day life festival, in addition to the free market, There are more free sharing of yoga, table manners, Free Hug, magic workshop, etc.!

(Due to the rain, the free market will be cancelled, but the free service will continue!!)


RRFM regulations:

1) Does not involve any financial or material transactions

2) Encourage "give" and "share"

3) Anyone is welcome to participate freely 

Date: January 23-24

Time: 2pm-7pm


Story stall


On this day, there are travelers who have been to different places, bringing objects and stories from the journey to share with you in the stalls.

The stall does not sell anything, only everything about travel.


In this afternoon, we invite you to walk into the grass and sit down on the grass.

Listening to this most simple and direct sharing is like listening to a friend's experience. It also seems to be traveling, meeting strangers and their stories unexpectedly.

Even if they share the same place, each person’s unique experience becomes a unique experience.


You may not be able to go to some places temporarily, but you can listen carefully with your ears to imagine traveling.

Bring the power of travel for you who are still unable to set off.

Date: January 23

Time: 2pm-6pm

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