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The origin of the stall:

I have been to a traveling lecture before. The subject was that two 18-year-old teenagers spent two years cycling in China. The topic was very attractive, but after listening to the two-hour sharing, I didn't write anything down, and I didn't really want to give it a try. The summary of that time was that I did not like the lectures in rows, the flow-style tour introduction (like the introduction of a travel agency), and the Q&A after two hours. Then I remembered that a friend had done selling stories, and I thought this was what I wanted, so I continued to use that friend's method, combining travel sharing and selling stories.   


For the time being, the story stall is mainly based on travel. The travel object leads to the story and experience of the travel, and then the story leads to the entire journey or other stories. In this way, participants have an entry point to understand the journey and make travel sharing more profound.

Story stall

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