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Vinci Mok

He studied drama at the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and also studied fashion design at the Bai Yingqi School of Design. He also worked as a reporter for fashion, women, cultural magazines, or fashion album image guidance. He is currently the artistic director of the independent art group Xingyiji and Liliu Wuta, and was also a member and committee member of the second group of Y-Space Dance Company. In 2008-2009, he organized ART WAVE, a cross-sector street impromptu art organization, and regularly joined forces. Poets, musicians, painters, dancers, performance artists, installation artists, etc. will experiment together in public spaces and promote the possibility of more art to the general public.

Has studied mime, physical theater, contact improvisation, mask and clown performance, Tai Chi guide, modern or traditional Indian dance, and has also worshipped many dance and performance masters in Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, etc. . In recent years, it has been deeply influenced by the physical training system of Sebastien Brottet-michel, Shaghayegh Beheshti of the French Sunshine Theatre, Lin Yanzhen, a former dancer from Taiwan's unsullied theater, and Indonesian master Bambang Suryono. However, in the dance step, Yumiko Yoshioka who lives in Berlin and the earthwork left behind in Japan The disciples of Tatsumi and Yuki Kuri were particularly enlightened, and they admired and loved the very taboo-breaking ideas of the patriarch Tufang Tatsumi in the 1950s.

Mo's is an artist with multiple creations. He mainly wanders in front of the scene creation platform such as form, theater, dance step, modern or improvisational dance, folk theater, performance and other arts. He also loves performing with music, installations, paintings, texts, and images. Running in, looking for a more surprising artistic outlet. In recent years, in addition to cooperating with local non-traditional theaters or dance troupes such as the Alice Theater Laboratory, Bujia Lock Dance Troupe, He Yingfeng’s Crazy Festival Stage, and Clash Theater, Mohs has also been frequently invited to Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and other non-traditional theaters. Collaborative exchange performances at dance festivals, performance art festivals or small theaters in South Korea, Germany and other places, and participated in Asia Meet Asia directed by Hiroshi Ohashi and the Japanese Black Tent Theatre directed by Tomoco Kawaguchi.

In recent years, in addition to serving as guest lecturers for some elective subjects related to stage design, social culture, and performing arts at the university, Mohs also occasionally has part-time jobs targeting young people, mentally handicapped people, the elderly, adults, women, and chronically ill people. The target's community center or middle school, elementary school, private art institution, etc. act as dance step or different forms of performance instructors. Mohs also has part-time film art or costume director work, and writes articles related to art or dance for newspapers and magazines from time to time. At the moment, Mohs believes that art can be more popularized and rooted in the community, and it can promote the society and the people's awareness and thinking of life more than all magnificent performances.

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