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Zhang Suyi  Zoe Cheung

In 2010, he graduated from the School of Science and Art of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree, majoring in stage lighting design.

Has participated in the production of lighting including:
The production of Zuni Icosahedron, Warsaw Teatr Tańca Zawirowania Dance Festival,

2015 MOCA Taipei [In the Name of Art-Hong Kong Contemporary Art Exhibition] Lin Lan Cooperative Works, etc.


In addition to lighting design,
I have met mandala since 2011,
Participated in the creation of on-site mandala in "Apocalyptic Cowshed" and "Purple Flame of Silent Light",
"Looking for the Mandala of Sacred Geometry in the Body" Exhibition.
He continues to paint and experience the connection of mandala with himself and the city.

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