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Dream Catcher Workshop



With the theme of environmental protection and recycling,

Use recycled fabric as an element to create dream catchers,

To create blessings with remodeling and gratitude, hoping to make people pay more attention to the fun in life~


Note: You are welcome to bring recycled fabrics (shirts/hand towel fabrics) that you want to add to your creation

First round

Date: January 23

Time: 4:00pm-5:30pm


second round

Date: January 24

Time: 4:45pm-6:15pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!!


Silent Walk

Allpamama Healing Circle Allpamama Healing Circle


Zen is still. Discover the true inner self through static observation

Behaviour. Perceive the body in motion

Moving and quietly looking inward for the inner calm space of oneself

Under the guidance of the Himalayas singing bowls and drums, the participants walked slowly in the stone formations to enter a state of meditation, watching from movement to calmness.

Date: January 24

Time: 3pm-4pm


Green vegetarian food

Natural context


Natural vegetarian food is the first step towards a green life.

Breathing the natural scent, we will use vegetable food to make simple and nutritious vegetarian crisps.

Date: January 24

Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!!


Leaf rubbing

Natural context


Use the natural pigments given by nature, learn the techniques of dyeing,

Make interesting leaf patterns, make bookmarks and rope bags.

Date: January 24

Time: 3:15pm-4:45pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!!


Grass slow

Slow-moving group


Calm down, breathe,

Connect the earth with your feet,

Settle in nature step by step.


Date: January 23

Time: 2:30pm-3:15pm


*The quota is full, thank you for your support!!

Sea Glass Brick Jewelry Workshop



Using glass and small bricks that have been smoothly washed by sea water and sand on the beach, plus some of the simplest materials, let everyone's creativity and thoughts be used to create an environmentally friendly and unique jewelry and organic art.


The sea glass and bricks will be picked up by the instructor from the beaches of Peng Chau and brought to Kai Tak Park to share with you. I hope that from this recycling, everyone will learn to reduce waste and avoid littering.

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