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Allpamama Healing Circle Allpamama Healing Circle

Allpamama is derived from the Quechua language of the pre-Inca culture, which means "Mother of the Earth". After the Spanish colonial rule ended, the Incas hoped to restore the original culture. They noticed the situation facing the world and believed that the original culture had a special energy to make the world a beautiful one.

Everything in the universe vibrates, and every organ in the body has a specific frequency. Adjusting the body frequency can restore the imbalance state and regain the health of the body and mind.


Just today, let us embrace the mother of the earth, return to nature, and connect with the highest energy of the universe. The healing circle resonates with common energy and expands outwards round by round, healing oneself, healing others, healing sentient beings, and healing the earth. 

The Kopalmama healing circle was enlightened by Andean shamans in Peru. The purpose is to balance people's soul, spirit, emotion and body through vibration and energy activities, and to revive the inner divinity. Kopalmama’s workshop emphasizes technique, mind and meditation, and through regular joint practice, we will work hard with all practitioners.

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