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Venue: Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long
In order not to affect the daily traffic of residents in Tai Sang Wai, we suggest that all friends who come here can:
  1. Participate in the Fish Pond Yuanye Classroom , and take the tourist bus provided by the Arts Festival to and from Tai Sang Wai and Prince Edward or Yuen Long West Rail Station
    *Private car service is only for participants of Yupond Yuanye Classroom *

  2. Gather your family and friends and take a taxi from Yuen Long West Rail Station to Tai Sang Wai Village Office

    (The journey takes about 15 minutes and the fare is about $45)

As the entrance to Tai Sang Wai is a one-way road and there is a lack of parking spaces, we recommend that participants do not drive private cars inside.

The opportunity to hold an art festival in the peaceful Tai Sang Wai depends on the assistance and understanding of the residents. I hope you who come to participate, pay attention to the following:

  • Residents in Tai Shengwei are mainly elderly, please greet them warmly, but please do not take photos of villagers’ houses without consent

  • Please pay attention to the volume and avoid harassing villagers, birds and other creatures

  • Do not use fishermen’s tools or boats without permission

  • There is no replenishment point in Tai Sang Wai. If necessary, please bring your own food and beverages and keep the environment clean

  • The event space is mainly outdoors. Participants are requested to bring their own rain gear, hats and other sun protection products

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