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Wandering spacecraft

Kacey Wong


The "Wandering Space" is a mobile three-wheeled camper that looks like a spaceship recovery bin. It symbolizes exploration, exile, and conquest. There are storage, cooking and sleeping devices in the car, allowing users to stay in urban or outdoor spaces for a short period of time. The artist will perform "life" in this work during the "Yuanye Life Festival" exhibition, arousing the audience's imagination of living and Kai Tak runway space.

Kacey Wong


Huang Guocai's experimental works explore the meaning of people, society and political life space. Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1970. In 2010, he was awarded the Artist of the Year Award by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and the Hong Kong Art Advancement Award and Excellent Art Education Award in 2003. Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, Master of Sculpture from Cursey University, UK, Doctor of Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. He has planned and exhibited a number of exhibitions with the theme of space and city: Housing Enterprise (1999), My Skyscraper (2000), Urban Space (2001), Free City (2001, 2002, 2010), etc. Since 2000, he started his "Free City" photography series, wearing skyscraper clothes playing the role of a building, searching for utopias around the world and publishing a photo collection of "Ten Years of Free City" (2010). The one-person tricycle house "Wandering Home" designed by him was selected to represent Hong Kong in the Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy in 2008. In 2010, he drove his "Drifting Family" small houseboat floating on Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour at the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, Hong Kong. In recent years, he has taken his works to the streets of demonstrations and actively participated in social movements in an artistic way, linking art with resistance.


See it today D

Martin Cheung


The human visual system has the ability to reconstruct the two-dimensional projection of the external world into a three-dimensional world.

Through the eyes, the scene is projected upside down onto the retina, and then transformed into the normal world that we have always known by the brain.


This work is divided into two parts. The first part is a wooden obscure box that has been placed in the exhibition area for a long time, allowing the viewer to understand the principle of imaging in a simple way.


The second part is the collective creation of artists and audiences. At a specific time, the artist and the audience will use origami to fold out the dark box and wear it on their heads and walk around the open space.


This work attempts to remove the connection between the brain and eyes of the participants, and present the original appearance of the retina to the participants, providing an alternative visual experience.


What will it be like when the participants with their heads covered by the black box walk around the seemingly free space?

See Zhen D collective creation today

Date: April 3

Time: 1pm-2:30pm


*Limited places, please click here to register



Martin Cheung


Born in Hong Kong in 1978, he studied photography art, likes to work in a dark box, and loves Cantonese siu-mei.

In 2001, he graduated from Victoria College of Art, Australia, with a Bachelor of Honours, majoring in Fine Art Photography.

Zhang's most popular pinhole work is a conceptual work taken in Melbourne's Chinatown-Duck Cam-Melbourne (2001) that transforms roast duck into a pinhole camera.

From a roast duck, to a twenty-foot container, to pinhole photography taken in a movie theater, all of them are collected by the "Pinhole Resource Center" of the United States.


"When I stand in the forest and close my eyes, I hear..."

Guo Jiayuan



Share the story of the earth by talking and dancing, and collect the stories of different people on the spot during the performance, and make their content part of the performance.

Performance time

Date: April 3

Time: 2:00pm-2:15pm





Guo Jiayuan

Hong Kong dancer, workshop instructor and model.

Former dancer of Taiwan Wushou Dance Theater.

He was the artist-in-residence at the Freeman Art Apartment in the 435 Art and Cultural Special Zone, Banqiao, Taipei.



Performance time of " Sonic Massage " and " Flying Object "

Date: April 3

Time: 2:30-3:30pm




Samson Cheung


When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a farmer, bus driver, football player and geographer, but the university majored in business administration. Now I regard the art creation process as a platform for lifelong learning, and I am fortunate to be able to see the sea every day.


After obtaining a postgraduate diploma in photography from the Hong Kong Institute of Professional and Continuing Education in 2012, he began to create seriously. In 2013, he opened his ears and explored the medium of sound originated from the coffee traces on a coffee cup. In 2014, he paid his own pocket for the voice and was selected as a young artist in the 2014-15 "Artist Support Program". In 2015, I went to Chicago "Experimental Sound Studio" and Taipei "Water Valley Art" as artist-in-residence respectively, and found that I wanted to explore how to integrate the work model of an ecological researcher into my daily creation.


Experience the basic principles of nature from the perspective of space and sound, and participants will be placed in the scene being portrayed.


Sonic massage

Samson Cheung


I will use the lampshade to hover over your head at irregular speeds, distances, and directions.

It's a bit like picking up a hair dryer and blowing it to your ears. It feels cold and warm.


Between the sound and the breeze, you can take advantage of this short time to close your eyes and rest.

Imagine various scenes in life through careful listening.



Flying object

Huang Fuquan


Turn a portable radio that emits white noise into a flying object

And put the audience in the center of the flight path


Under the control of the commander

Flying objects circle the audience in different shapes and speeds

Derives an invisible but full energy field

A space running with different logics is briefly split up


Wong Fuk Kuen


Fuquan believes that there is a lively space outside the cognitive realm that has been constructed in daily life. This unknown place has guided his creation and the reasons why he uses sound and environmental space as expression methods.

He graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His sound sculpture The Telescopes was exhibited in the Annual Exhibition of the Creative Media Academy (2012) and the 18th IFVA Interactive Media Group. In the summer of 2014, when he was the artist-in-residence at the "Listen in" Sound Art Festival in Kyoto, Japan, he created his second work, Aminoscape, again using water pipes to continue to explore the infinite uniqueness of sound, environment, and space.



<Source. wild. Wall> Mime one-leg show

Vinci Mok


The 100-year-old tree that has been beheaded hangs high above the county, where is the dignity of life? Is the land living under the high wall, being moisturized by tears? !


Performer: Mo Yingshi


Performance time

Date: April 3

Time: 6:30pm-6:50pm


Vinci Mok


He studied drama at the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and also studied fashion design at the Bai Yingqi School of Design. He also worked as an image guide for fashion, women, journalists in cultural magazines or fashion albums. He is currently the artistic director of the independent art group Xingyiji and Liliu Wuta, and was also a member and committee member of the second group of Y-Space Dance Company. In 2008-2009, he organized ART WAVE, a cross-sector street impromptu art organization, and regularly joined forces. Poets, musicians, painters, dancers, performance artists, installation artists, etc. will experiment together in public spaces and promote the possibility of more art to the general public.

Has studied mime, physical theater, contact improvisation, mask and clown performance, Tai Chi guide, modern or traditional Indian dance, and has also worshipped many dance and performance masters in Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, etc. . In recent years, it has been deeply influenced by the physical training system of Sebastien Brottet-michel, Shaghayegh Beheshti of the French Sunshine Theatre, Lin Yanzhen, a former dancer from Taiwan's unsullied theater, and Indonesian master Bambang Suryono. However, in the dance step, he has received Yumiko Yoshioka living in Berlin and the earthworkers who stayed in Japan. The disciples of Tatsumi and Yuki Kuri were particularly enlightened, and they admired and loved the very taboo-breaking ideas of the patriarch Tufang Tatsumi in the 1950s.

Mo's is an artist with multiple creations. He mainly wanders in front of the scene creation platform such as form, theater, dance step, modern or improvisational dance, folk theater, performance and other arts. He also loves performing with music, installations, paintings, texts, and images. Running in, looking for a more surprising artistic outlet. In recent years, in addition to cooperating with local non-traditional theaters or dance troupes such as the Alice Theater Laboratory, Bujia Lock Dance Troupe, He Yingfeng’s Crazy Festival Stage, and Clash Theater, Mohs has also been frequently invited to Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and other non-traditional theaters. Collaborative exchange performances at dance festivals, performance art festivals or small theaters in South Korea, Germany and other places, and participated in Asia Meet Asia directed by Hiroshi Ohashi and the Japanese Black Tent Theatre directed by Tomoco Kawaguchi.

In recent years, in addition to serving as guest lecturers for some elective subjects related to stage design, social culture, and performing arts at the university, Mohs also occasionally has part-time jobs targeting young people, mentally handicapped people, the elderly, adults, women, and chronically ill people. The target's community center or middle school, elementary school, private art institution, etc. act as dance step or different forms of performance instructors. Mohs also has part-time film art or costume director work, and writes articles related to art or dance for newspapers and magazines from time to time. At the moment, Mohs believes that art can be more popularized and rooted in the community, and it can promote the society and the people's awareness and thinking of life more than all magnificent performances.


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