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Breath sharing

Creation Record of "The Breath of the Wild" Dadi Art Camp

"Breath in the Nature" Land Art Camp Documentary

In order to share the experience of organizing art camps with the public, Art Home will bring works and document records to the Kubrick Yau Ma Tei exhibition in April 2018, and publish the creation record of "The Breath of the Wild", including creation results and location suggestions. , Camping creative tips, reflections from different friends, etc., for friends who are interested in outdoor creation.


Hoping to inspire and facilitate land art attempts in Hong Kong, ART TOGETHER shall bring works and documentations back in town throughout April and publish “Breath in the Nature” Land Art Camp Documentary, which present a full documentation of our art camp experience, including the works, artist interviews, choice of sites, outdoor tips, etc.

Creation record article sharing

Articles from the documentary

Fragments of the Disappearing Village and Art Camp

Lost Villages and Art Camp Fragments

"In retrospect, there were moments in the camp that I never thought I would share. I guess the campfire created a circle of equality, bringing people together, and looking at the fire can easily open people's hearts."
"On reflection, there were fragments during the camp where I felt like I shared more than I should have. I guess a campfire creates a circular and horizontal platform for coming together, and watching the flames can easily open one's soul."

  -- Liang Zhigang, Michael LEUNG

Conversation with Lai Huiyi

After the Camp with LAI Wai Yi Monti

"Some of my classmates had never tried flakes before, and told me that he "must rush to the beach and throw these stones." He couldn't help but he was crazy. The teacher would say, "Play it before you," and give us a lot. Space to allow some things to happen is also unexpected to me."

"some students, never skimmed a stone in their entire life, told me how they must go to the sea to skim some stones. I couldn't even call them back. It was simply insane. The teacher also agreed to let them have a bit of fun and allowed us to make things happen. That was a bit of surprise for me."

--Lai Wai Yi Monti, LAI Wai Yi Monti

"The Breath of the Wild" Video Record of the Land Art Camp

"Breath in the Nature" Land Art Camp Documentary Video

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