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I started thinking about this festival in 2013.
At first, this festival did not have a Chinese name, it was just called Sustainable Fest. Sustainability sounds like a university question, or something in the next century, as if you have to be ambitious to learn how to cultivate environmental protection policies before you can talk about sustainability. But in fact, sustainability is just a continuation, how to continue resources, continue nature, and continue the original face of the earth. And everything back to basics comes from respect. If we treat ourselves and life well, treat everyone and every life with our heart, we will naturally not do anything to harm the earth.

This is not a great principle, all that is needed is a soft heart.

Everyone is touched at a different location.
Therefore, we developed the Yuanye Life Festival, bringing together interested people from different backgrounds, taking nature as a teacher, and using their own strengths, so that we who have been accustomed to civilized life for too long can find the original connection with the earth, and then continue to extend in our daily lives. .

Remember, we are born to belong to nature,
If we are willing to see the scenery along the way,

Feel the sunshine, wind, temperature, the life of a flower and a grass,

Then, without leaving the wilderness, we can also live well in the wilderness.




In January 2016, we finally held the first Yuanye Life Festival, which happened to be the coldest winter in 60 years.
Fortunately, we held a half life festival on a day when we stole a little sun in the cold winter.
Although the life festival is short, we get a lot of support beyond imagination. Three months later, we decided to change the location and reproduce the rest of the Yuanye Life Festival in the bullpen!

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