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Organizer: Art to Home

Funding: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Green Paper Sponsor: Antalis HK

Empty Scape

Design: Muuute
Yuanye Brigade

Planning team leader:

Nora Ng (hyzuii)
Peggy Chan
Gum Cheng
Clara Cheung
Music Captain: Shi Jiaxin

Team members:
Edwood Yung
Martin Cheung
Bonnie Lo
KC (Guo Jinqing)
Vincent Lam
Yolanda Wong
Wing Chung
Quanna Law
Cheung Hau Ling
Wilson Lam
Eva Chan
Karen Yeung
Kam Wong
Ken Chan
Viola Chan
Hilton Wong
Xu Xuan

Art home
Art Home was officially established in June 2008 as a non-profit art organization. We wander around and constantly explore the space in the city, hoping to provide different art platforms to bring art to all levels of the community, encourage the participation of the masses, and respond to society with art.
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