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Quill making and sketching workshop

Art Together

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Club tells us that because of its wetland characteristics, fish ponds around Deep Bay can attract more than 300 species of birds to visit each year. They quietly leave a variety of feathers when they are looking for food in the fish ponds to shelter from the cold. In this workshop, You can try to find the feathers that fell to the ground in the fish pond, simply process it to make an ink-dipped quill pen, and sketch in the fish pond on the spot.


*Please avoid harassing birds and other creatures


Welcome to bring your own: sketching tools, such as pencils, drawing books, paints

Rubble display making workshop

Art Together

Faced with market competition in the fish farming industry, coupled with the increasing age of fish farmers, there are only a few Tai Sang Wai fish ponds still in operation, and some of the fish ponds have been filled up for other purposes. In this workshop, you can collect the rubble fragments of the pond along the road in Tai Sang Wai, smooth them out, add your creativity, and transform them into ornaments.


Welcome to bring your own: paint, glue, any materials you like to add

Nature Note Workshop

Hong Kong Bird Watching Club  Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

When you go to the field to observe the natural ecology, many people find that you can't just rely on the eyes or the camera to keep it. Writing nature notes is another way to record the scenery and feelings you observe in front of you in your own way. If you can "catch" our nature worker in the fish pond, welcome to join him/her to make your own nature notes.


Welcome to bring your own: sketching tools, such as pencils, drawing books/notebooks, paints

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