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Luotang Art Festival Film Review  Fishpond-Diving Sustainable Art Festival Documentary

Luotang Art Exhibition Fishpond-Diving  Art Exhibition

The art festival is a learning space. Starting in late 2018, artists He Yuanliang, Lai Huiyi, Lu Yunqi, and Ma Zhiheng, together with students from the Hong Kong Academy of Art and Hong Kong Siu Kee Creative College, will get to know villagers, fish, migratory birds and species in Tai Sang Wai. They used the materials on the ground to transform the details of the fish pond into works of different media, which will be shared with the public during the two days of the festival.

Tong source of wild off the classroom Fishpond-Diving Classroom

In addition to admiring the works, we recommend everyone to participate in various guided tours and workshops, so that art can drive your body into the ecological chain of Dashengwei.

Eco-Guided Eco Tour

The guide of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Club will introduce the participants to Tai Sang Wai, explain the changes of local fish ponds, fishermen's life, fish pond operation and ecological characteristics, etc. It is suitable for anyone to participate.

⨀Time :

01.19 12:00 - 13:30 / 15:00 - 16:30

01.20 12:00 - 13:30 / 15:00 - 16:30

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Luotang Art Tour

Participating students and artists of "Luotang" will lead everyone to watch, listen, and feel the works, from which they will learn about local creation, which is suitable for anyone to participate.

Guo Dalin (Tanabe Art Institute), He Yuanliang, Lu Yunqi, participating students

⨀Time :


14:00-15:00 "Sometimes", "The Shape of Rest"

(Leader: Lu Yunqi, student of Hong Kong Siu Kee Creative College and Art Home)

15:30 -16:30  "As Echoes Leaping Out"

(Leader: Tanabe Art Institute)


14:00-15:00  "Landscape Mirror", " Fish People", "Dasheng Bell", "Floating Shadow"

(Leader: Feng Zhengquan, Liu Wanting, Li Peixi, Huang Xiaoling, Qiu Zhuoni  And art home)

15:30-16:30 "Dasheng Floating Island", "Big Fish House", "Bubbly House"

(Leader: He Yuanliang, student of Hong Kong Academy of Art)

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"Food is Blessing" Organic Pickles Workshop

Eating is Blessing Workshop

Put the memories of traveling to Tai Sang Wai in the bottle to settle, pickling the green papaya and green tomatoes step by step, enjoy the process of having a hurry but not reaching it, and then put the food

Take home, take a good aftertaste of the time, the sweet and sour organic pickles with Indian spices will induce your winter appetite:)


Aunt Tai Shengwei grows organic tomatoes in Sha Tau Kok and grows organic green papaya

⨀Artist: Shi Jiayin

⨀Time :

01.19  13:30-14:30 / 15 :00-16:00

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WhatsApp Image 2019-01-06 at

"Pure Slow Walking Tour by the Pond"

The Gentle Path: Slow Walking Workshop

Calm down, breathe,

Settle in nature.

Feel well and exist well.

Walking gently across the earth, slowly returning with a heavy pace, bringing the heart back to the present moment.


*Participants need to sit on the floor, please wear comfortable clothes. Please also avoid wearing short skirts and high heels.

⨀Artist: Slow Tour

⨀Time :

01.20  14:30-15:30 /  16:00-17:00

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Quill making and sketching workshop

Quill Pen Making and Field Sketch Workshop

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society tells us that Tai Sang Wai is a wetland. The fish ponds in Deep Bay can attract more than 300 species of birds every year. They quietly leave a variety of feathers during the period of refuge from the cold in the fish ponds for food.


Because birds are a major member of the Tai Sang Wai fish pond, in this workshop, birds are the subject of the paintings, and they are painted in a realistic way according to their shape, appearance, and behavior characteristics.


In this workshop, you can try to find the feathers that fell to the ground in the fish pond, simply process it to make an ink-dipped quill pen, and sketch in the fish pond on the spot, by depicting the birds that inhabit the fish pond and the preferences of different bird species The ecological environment, thus expressing the close relationship between birds and the environment.

⨀Artist: Ke Jiamin

⨀Time :

01.19 12:30-13 :30  / 15:30-16:30

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