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Zhou Zhaoxiang         Savage         Tsang Tak Ping


Keep on living together

Zhou Zhaoxiang



The earth’s ecology has completely collapsed, and human civilization will be overthrown at any time. We are bound to live in an extremely painful and catastrophic world, and then collectively leave.

There is still a chance to escape!

As long as we change our past mistakes, sit down and act, and live a truly green life.

A senior and avant-garde warrior in the green forest shared how he transformed himself and encouraged everyone to transform their bodies and souls to save the nation.





Date: January 23

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm


Dr. Zhou Zhaoxiang

A senior green expert in Hong Kong, currently the chairman of Mobile Life, the chairman of the Green Garden Fund, the chairman of the Hong Kong Food and Health Association, and the chairman of the Hong Kong Body Mind Platform. Since the 1970s, he has been promoting the transformation of a green society on the front line, changing customs, and has established 9 green groups, published more than 200 books and audio CDs, and continuously introduced the most avant-garde health, lifestyle, and diet in newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet. , The concept of spiritual practice has changed the lives of many locals and mainlanders. Now it is fully operating the first whole-food restaurant in China-Lvyelin, which was founded in 2013, including health shops, restaurants, and activity centers, and regularly touring in the mainland to spread the good news of green.


Date: January 24

Time: 3:15pm-4:15pm


Zeng Deping

The first generation of the Zeng family was born and raised in Hong Kong,

Passing university professor, passing artist.

Not exhausted,

Devote yourself to learning to live a happy daily life,

Practice environmental protection of body, mind and spirit.

Practice of environmental protection of body, mind and spirit in daily life

Zeng Deping











Wild talk



City life is busy and intense, full of restrictions and oppression,

The savage who graduated from the University of Hong Kong,

Choose to leave the city, move to the outskirts, burn wood for cooking, open up land for farming,

Decorate your home with things that others have discarded,

And abandon daily chemical cleaners,

Lead a simple and natural life

Prove that it is feasible to choose your own life.



Date: January 24

Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm




In 2003, he established Natural Context with like-minded friends. Since then, on the one hand, he has lived a simple life close to nature and proved the feasibility of practicing green life with actions. Encourage students and event participants to get close to nature and find happiness in their hearts.

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