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Zhichang self-help sharing corner

Executive Ye Jupyeah


Promote community sharing and extend the life of items.

You are welcome to put books, clothes, homewares, and stationery with stories and practical functions in the self-help sharing corner of Zhichang.

Then pick any items you need and go home.


Comparing your heart to yourself, please make sure that your items are clean, intact, and in a condition suitable for others to continue to enjoy.

The remaining items will be donated to other organizations or continue to be shared on JUYEAH.COM.

The place is shallow and narrow, and the manpower is limited. Large quantities and large items are not accepted.

Date: April 3

Time: 12nn-8pm

With the Yuanye Life Festival coming to a new place, we also want to recruit some new neighbors for Freedom Village.

Simply put, it is a street stall.


You can come and share something you are good at, what you like, anything that corresponds to nature and brings your heart back to its origin.


And we want to find neighbors like this:

1) Understand that it is very happy to be able to share

2) Exchange freely, share freely, no money transaction

3) After watching the origin of the life festival, I feel that I am very suitable to join us- please click here for the origin



Floor size: no more than 2x2m (outdoor area)

Cost: Free

Booth date: April 3

Time: 12nn-8pm


Registration URL:


Deadline for registration: March 24, 2016


We will notify all friends who have successfully become neighbors before March 27~

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