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City life is busy and intense, full of restrictions and oppression,

The savage who graduated from the University of Hong Kong,

Choose to leave the city, move to the outskirts, burn wood for cooking, open up land for farming,

Decorate your home with things that others have discarded,

And abandon daily chemical cleaners,

Lead a simple and natural life

Prove that it is feasible to choose your own life.



Date: April 3

Time: 2pm-3pm




In 2003, he established Natural Context with like-minded friends. Since then, on the one hand, he has lived a simple life close to nature and proved the feasibility of practicing green life with actions. Encourage students and event participants to get close to nature and find happiness in their hearts.


Date: April 3

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm



The current chairman of the Lantau Water Mountain Association has spent more than 10 years doing cattle observation and recording the conditions of Lantau cattle, trying to understand the free life and natural habits of the cattle without human control.

What's wrong with our bull?



For cows, people naturally think of several pictures: someone driving a cow to farm in the field, or as a traditional illustration of our traditional "Tongsheng" calendar, a farmer/herder holding one, or an illustration or In the old photos, the cow boy was seen riding on the back of the cow. But now there are almost no people in Hong Kong working as cow farming. The characters in these pictures are gone. What kind of animals are the cows? The animals that feed all humans, especially the Chinese, seem to be no one is interested in learning about them.


"After Hong Kong abandoned farming, from time to time we heard the official use of "stray cattle" to refer to the current situation of the cattle herd. Unknown Hong Kong people have accepted this term very much, but this is actually not very correct.... "He said.









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