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In the early stage of the art festival, two Yuanye workshops led by local artists were held, including: Metalworking artist Chen Baofeng's "The Source Clay Can Make Tools!" "And cooking artist Liu Zhikeng (Herman)'s "Walking in the Pond" workshop.


The four groups of artists in residence have regularly explored Taishengwei since November 2020, starting with "food", combining fish pond culture and creation. They are Chen Baijian, Implied Yu Gu Qin, Li Yingshan, and Two-legged Walking.

​Artist-in-residence works


​Text creation

The 3 writers invited this year: Chen Xiaotong, Zhang Weisen, and Li Benying also regularly visit the Tai Sang Wai Fish Pond to learn about the artist’s creations, and then write articles for "Pond Food", making text creations around the people, things and objects in Tai Sang Wai .

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