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Online exhibition

Workshop | Yutang Food

From December 2019 to January 2020

The workshop took everyone to search for food in Tai Sang Wai and explore the origin of the food-fish ponds and fields. After that, everyone turned the ingredients into a delicious delicacy.

"Surfing in the Pond" is like seeing the fish pond and the food at a glance, but I think that in fact the main course of human-to-human communication is first. The highlight of the whole workshop was that everyone exchanged their own recipes, and they had to cook each other’s recipes. I guess it’s because I’ve seen it twice. If you’ve never met before, you can cook together and cook Lei through cooking. It’s a success. When everyone doesn't even know the other's lifestyle and background, they can help each other to cook a perfect dish. I believe that trust is built during the cooking process. Finally, I hope everyone cooks and eats more with the people around you!

Artist | Liu Zhikeng

Artist Liu Zhikeng is a member of the local organic farm "The Rural Society" and often collaborates with different artists and cultural institutions. He loves to drink and eat, and often uses aerial photography to draw attention to the future development of food and agriculture, local communities and nature, so that people can re-understand the land and life.

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Day One·【Day Tour Dashengwei Pond】

Walk into Tai Sang Wai and experience a rural fish pond that is different from the city. It is not only the place of origin of food, but also the best stop for migratory bird migration and fruit belly. How do fish ponds and birds maintain the best relationship? What do fishermen think of the birds that come for food after batches? How is the balance point established? As soon as you come to Dashengwei, check it out!

Day Two·【Carbon Fuel x Foraging and Migration】

Go for a walk in the countryside of Sheung Shui to see the farmers and fields, and pick up some organic matter along the way, and carbonize the found items into fuel. Then, exchange a recipe and memory of a dish that they miss the most.

Day Three·【Night Tour by the Border Pond x Yuanye Cooking】

Approach the fish ponds and source fields separated by the Shenzhen River, and feel the blur of nature, cities and boundaries. After nightfall, a wild cooking, feel the environment and feel yourself.

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