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Online Exhibition

Workshop | Foraging by the Ponds

From December 2020 to January 2021

This workshop will lead participants to Tai Sang Wai to explore various food's origins: the fishponds and the field. Afterward, participants will get their hands on preparing several delicious dishes with these ingredients.

At first glance, fishponds and food seem to be the focus of “Foraging by the Ponds”. But in fact, the essence of this workshop lies in the exchanges between people. In the climax of the workshop, participants had to exchange the recipes they noted down with others and prepare the dishes with the received recipes. I was surprised to see that the participants who had only seen each other twice could make concerted efforts and successfully prepare a wonderful meal. I believe it is the cooking process that built up the trust between this group of strangers who knew nothing about each other's background and lifestyle. In closing, I hope you and everyone will cook and eat more!

Artist | Herman LAU

LAU is a member of a local organic farm, Society for Indigenous Learning (SolL) in Sheung Shui. He is also an art worker who has been constantly collaborating with different artists and cultural units.


Meanwhile, he spreads his concern on future food and agriculture, local community and nature with his multi-skills and interests like aerial cinematography, also food and beverage, so as to develop a new understanding on life and land.

Herman Lau.png
Day 1 ·【Day Tour on the Fishpond Bank in Tai Sang Wai】

Unlike the ordinary fishponds in the rural area, those at Tai Sang Wai are not only the origin of an array of foods but also one of the best stopovers for migratory birds to forage along their migration. How do the birds maintain this intimate relationship with the fishponds? How do fish farmers see these migratory birds foraging in their fishponds? And how do the people and birds maintain a balance? Let's explore at Tai Sang Wai!

Day 2 ·【Making Charcoal  x  Foraging Migrants】

Let's take a stroll to the Sheung Shui countryside and observe the farmers and fields. Pick up organic matters along the way and carbonise them into fuel. Then, exchange with other participants a recipe and a moment you missed most.

Day 3 ·【Night Tour on the Fishpond Bank  x  Cooking in the Wild】

Coming close to the fishponds and fields by the Shenzhen River, let's forget the boundary between nature, cities, and the borders. Cook in the wild as night falls, immerse yourself in the natural environment and feel your true self.

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