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Workshop | Source mud can make tools!

November to December 2020

Use metal craftsmanship to connect life, sand mold casting and other techniques to make everyday objects.

I left the studio temporarily and went to Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long District, Hong Kong, and took the students to Tai Sang Wai to sketch from life, and then turned the scenery into a copper-dyed utensil to see the scenery and get to know the bird and draw a picture. Collect crops from the land, collect beautiful but discarded waste, collect small things related to this beautiful place. Use the method of sand mould casting to make pure tin small utensils and make small dishes for snacks? Do a chopstick holder? There is no such thing as a so-called. Because I have been attracted by this high sky, the seemingly mini-mountain.


Crops will decay and wither when they leave the ground, and buildings that have fallen into disrepair will collapse. Is it an alternative way of photography to record this most beautiful moment, the state of collapse, and turn it into eternity in a mold-like way?


In the end, I agree with the person in charge of the bird watching club-"Soil, metal, and body all come from nature." I used the clay hands collected from the fish pond to press out the molds, and then cast the objects. I fully summarized the last workshop, and I am very happy to take this opportunity to explore the different fields of metalworking.

Artist | Chen Baofeng

Chen Baofeng graduated from the School of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University and also took a graphic design course. Chen has used small metal as the main creative medium since 2012, exploring the relationship between people and groups through metalworking. Chen is good at creating in the form of material transformation and organizing production. At the same time, he is keen to participate in different community art projects, explore the relationship between crafts and communities, and design and integrate crafts through the practice of the brand Playback Concept.

Chan Po Fung.jpg
Day One·【Tai Sheng Wai】

Participants prepare for the next three workshops, draw their favorite fish pond scenery, pick up a favorite item in the fish pond, and make a utensil in life step by step!

Day 2·【Copper Disc Production】

After seeing the beautiful and natural scenery of fish ponds, let your imagination run wild and turn the flowers, birds, insects and fish you see into a part of the work!

Day three·【Casting utensils】

Step by step, they are cast into pure tin utensils to contain food to record the traces of fish ponds and fishermen's lives!

spare (1).JPG
Day 4·【Mud from the fish pond】

Molds made of pond mud and wooden frames replicate the objects brought by the casting participants. The cast tin ware has the rough texture of pond mud, recording the natural texture of Dashengwei.

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