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Zhang Caisheng

CHEUNG Choi Sang, Samson

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a farmer, bus driver, football player and geographer, but the university majored in business administration. Now I regard the art creation process as a platform for lifelong learning, and I am fortunate to be able to see the sea every day.

After obtaining a postgraduate diploma in photography from the Hong Kong Institute of Professional and Continuing Education in 2012, he began to create seriously. In 2013, he opened his ears and explored the medium of sound originated from the coffee traces on a coffee cup. In 2014, he paid his own pocket for the voice and was selected as a young artist in the 2014-15 "Artist Support Program". In 2015, I went to Chicago "Experimental Sound Studio" and Taipei "Water Valley Art" as artist-in-residence, and began to reflect on the sustainability of the finished art products, and tried to portray myself and participants in various scenes through performances and spatial interventions. middle. In 2016, he held his first solo exhibition "Speaking from Watching..." in Hong Kong "Base. Period" and recently participated in the exhibition and performance of "Art Camp Tango 2017" in Japan.


He dreamt of being a farmer, bus driver, football player and geographer but end up graduated with a Business Administration Degree. He is now viewing the process of making art as a lifelong learning platform and thankfully enjoys look at the sea everyday.

He gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from HKU SPACE at 2012, and started open up his ear and exploration of sound media from 2013 inspired by coffee marks from a coffee cup, and had been selected as the artist of soundpocket's Artists' Supported Program 2014- 15". He has begun to retrospect the sustainability of a finished artwork materials, as well as explore his ideas by performance, spatial intervention to place himself and participants into certain situation after his artist in residency in Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago and Waley Art in Taipei at 2015. He had his first solo exhibition “Start from seeing” at Floating Projects, Hong Kong at 2016 and participate in exhibition and performance at  "Art Camp Tango 2017" in Japan.

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