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Guan Lang

Matthew Kwan

Guan Langxi, after ninety years of "chacha-by-the-car", graduated from high school and returned to Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to study at the School of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, and graduated in 2012. Since the age of six, he has been bird watching and loves nature. In addition to documenting birds with a camera, he also likes black room drying and blue drying techniques. Beginning in 2013 at the "Kai Tak" Research and Development Center as a project assistant of the "Looking for the World" photography education project, he participated in the planning of the publication of the book "Living in" and the previous photography exhibitions of "Looking for the World". He is now one of the mentors of "Looking for the World" and a nature educator.


Matthew Kwan, a “marginal” post 90, returned from the UK after secondary school to attend the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts and graduated in 2012. He started birdwatching at the age of six and have a passion for nature, other than recording the birds he sees with his camera, he also likes darkroom photography and cyanotype. He became a programme assistant for Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme (TOE) at kaitak, Centre for Research and Development in 2013, during his time there he helped with the publishing and research of “A Living Space”, as well as previous exhibitions for TOE. He is now a TOE artist educator and a nature educator.

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