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Vinci Mok

The artistic director of Xingyiji and Liliu Wuta, was the main member of Y-Space Dance Group 2 and Involuntary Muscle Group, and launched the cross-sector street improvisation art organization ART WAVE in 2008-2009. He is currently a diversified creative artist, mainly wandering in the creation and performance platforms of art, theater, dance, modern dance, folk theater, performance, etc., and occasionally performs mime performances, improvisational singing, middle school / elementary school / university / senior center / none Physical or performance art tutors of barrier agencies, film/stage art or costume design, art writing or commentary, etc. Mohs often introduces some issues of concern to society, communities, land, disadvantaged communities, etc. into performances. He also hopes that art can truly achieve sharing without sects, frames, barriers, and classes. In recent years, he loves music. , Paintings, and literature as creative enlightenment.

He studied drama at the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and also studied fashion design at the Bai Yingqi School of Design. In the past two decades, I have learned mime, physical theater, contact improvisation, mask dance, clown performance, Tai Chi guidance, Brazilian war dance, modern or traditional Indian dance with overseas teachers. I have also worshipped many Japanese, European, Malaysian, Dancing and performance masters from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, etc. In recent years, it has been particularly influenced by the systems of Sebastien Brottet-michel and Shaghayegh Beheshti of the French Sunshine Theatre; Lin Yanzhen, a former senior dancer of the Wugou Theater in Taiwan, and Bambang Suryono, a master of Indonesian mask dance. As for the dance step, it is unwilling to follow the creative spirit and attitude of the founder of Japanese dance step in the 1950s, Tufang Sunda, who broke through taboos and conventions. Yoshioka Yumiko and Yuko Kaseki living in Berlin; Tuzu Sunda’s direct disciple and Kuri Yukio who stayed behind in Japan; and the founder of Taiwan's yellow butterfly Nantian Wuta; the body training/biography of Japanese Wuta elder Fujijo Chongmaru who is not advertised by faction Interpretation methods and even his creative concepts have become important enlightenment for Mo.

In addition to having continuous clashes and experiments with Hong Kong non-traditional theaters or dance troupes such as Alice Theater Laboratory, Bujia Lock Dance Hall, Ho Yingfeng’s Crazy Festival Stage, Bump Theater, etc., Mo has also been invited to Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. , Thailand, South Korea, Germany, Eastern/Central Europe and other places such as dance and step art festivals, performance art festivals or small theater collaboration plans for exchange performances, and recently participated in the Asia Meet Asia action theater Asian collaboration tour led by Hiroshi Ohashi; The Japanese black tent theater troupe fully supports the 5-year exchange and cooperation performance plan between Hong Kong and Japan <Absolute Flying Machine>; the Concept Theater <The Meal Cup of Useless Sacredness> hosted by the Eighteenth Theater in Tainan and the Taipei Xiaohua Theater Troupe, the Guling Street Theater and the Errand Theater Troupe Co-organized the solo performance of "Broken Wings and Flying" in the Land Dance Theater.

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