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Mishtar was established in 2010. The main concept of hand-made products comes from the integration of ethnic and diversified designs.

The word Mishtar comes from Hebrew, meaning power and rules. Our belief is that we hope to make unlimited possibilities on the road of creation with specific rules. We hope that through the works, people will pay more attention to the joys in life and bring out life. Possibility of affecting life.


At the beginning of the establishment, the theme of the work was nomadic style + leather, until a new strong trip, when we met a sheep before slaughter, the eye contact and the sorrowful communication for help made us think about whether it is necessary to continue to make leather handcrafts. , We understand that making leather is not a question of right or wrong, but we understand that we can choose (what to make), so we feel that it is time to abandon the existing elements and find a new design direction.


In the process of searching, I have tried different materials and design directions, and created many different types of works. An occasional encounter with Indian culture, the dream catcher made us all fall in love with each other, whether it is the ancient legends of the Indian tribe, or the relatives of the tribe. The blessings, as well as its ethnic characteristic elements, materials and lining, all give us a new direction in design.


Our main works are dream catchers and ethnic ornaments. We hope to convey and promote the Indian blessing culture through dream catchers. We also hope that people will pay more attention to the fun in life and the gratitude to nature. Therefore, in the works It is full of ethnic elements and uses a lot of natural materials (such as driftwood, stone sea coral, tree branches, etc.). Interesting things collected during travel will also be put into the works, so that the works show the characteristic styles of different countries.

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