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A series of Activities. We invite you to join us!

​* Some activities require registration in advance

* Once the registration is confirmed, it represents a clear understanding of participants on the terms of the event and the personal information (privacy) collection statement (click here to read)


On-site Events

​No pre-registration is needed, visitors are welcome to join on-site.



World Flags

​[Text] [Tour information to be confirmed] "Lamma Says:" Partnered with the "Hong Kong Folk Heritage Conservation Fund". After data collection and field investigations, three guided tours have been carefully designed to show you the beauty of Lamma South from different perspectives .

The guided tour route is as follows:




For more information please go to "Walk in Hong Kong" website



  1. In response to the epidemic and related social distancing rules, Art Home has the opportunity to implement corresponding restrictions on the number of people on the day of the event, or temporarily cancel the event. The relevant arrangements will be announced on the Facebook page of "Lamma Say:".

  2. When the event is cancelled due to the "epidemic and corresponding anti-epidemic regulations", Art Home will not make a re-organization.

  3. The event will strictly abide by the latest anti-epidemic regulations and take effective social distancing measures.

  4. Participants must wear masks, observe epidemic prevention measures and maintain social distancing. Staff have the right to refuse admission to people who do not wear masks.

  5. When the event is cancelled due to inclement weather arrangements, Art Home will make a supplementary date/no re-organization after further notice. The relevant arrangements will be announced on the "Lamma Say: " Facebook page.

  6. Severe weather arrangement: The observatory has hoisted the strong wind signal No. 3 or above and the red or black rainstorm warning signal from 12:00 noon to the event period. For safety reasons, the event will be cancelled on the day ; if the monsoon factor affects the sea conditions, the performance cannot be performed/ For the event, the latest news will be announced on the planned Facebook and Instagram the day before the event.

  7. Participants are requested to be present on time. If they have not registered with the program staff during the opening time, the registered quota will be considered as a waiver.

  8. Art Home may take photos or videos in workshops and activities for record purposes, and the photos or images taken will also be used for public display or promotional purposes. If participants have any questions about this or do not want to be in the mirror, please do so before the start of the activity Ask or notify the staff present.

  9. The organizer reserves the right to add, subtract, replace or modify the programs that have been announced. In case of dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.

Personal Information (Privacy) Collection Statement

  1. The information provided by the participants will only be used for registration and contact purposes of the "Lamma Say:" event.

  2. Unless the participant agrees to accept the promotion of the event in the future, the personal data of all participants will be destroyed after the event.

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