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<Xiang Village Concert at Yuan Ye>



Unit 12, Niu Peng Art Village

This concert was planned by Shi Jiayin, a member of the Sky City Project.
The concert invited some of the musical friends and villagers who participated in the album "Xiangcun" to attend.
At the Yuanye Life Festival, share music.
The concert will also invite some musicians who like to use recycled objects to make musical instruments or sounds.
Share a unique voice with you.

Old B & Choi


Old B (Billy) is a member of Mini Noise, a professional social worker, who is good at using social issues and people's livelihood conditions to become creative inspiration and write music. Recorded albums include: how beautiful, dead valley, rotten valley, etc. In the album "Xiang Village" published by the Kongcheng Project, he collaborated with Pingche Villager Cai Ge to write: Dangdang Mountain Dance.


Brother Cai (Zhang Guicai), a villager in Pingche, cherishes the land and loves singing.



Wonderland was founded in 2002, and its members include Cecil (Vocalist), Ah Qiang (Lead Guitarist), Steve (Bassist) and David (Drummer).

He has a wealth of performance experience and has traveled all over Hong Kong, from the street to the Avenue of Stars, the cultural center, and then into the major shopping malls, Coffee Shopssssss, and also guest weddings and Wedding Band to help ensure his livelihood.....


The style of the band is mainly Pop-Rock. In addition to original songs, they also play Cover songs. From Xu Shaofeng to Metallica, I'm Yours to I'm angry are among our Cover songs. Wonderland enjoys all the good music, and I hope everyone will enjoy Wonderland.

Nico Fung


Hong Kong self-playing and singing female singer-songwriter,

Weave a delicate and dark world with electronics, folk songs, and light jazz.

She also loves writing and drawing, but still loves music most.

I feel that music is the best way to express the feeling in my heart.

Lovers' GOAT II


Impromptu music group, composed of Nelson Hiu and Shi Jiayin.

The musical elements are rich and interesting. The flute, violin, mouth organ, stone, fruit, field recording, etc., all become musical instruments that can make sounds.

Speak with the sound, compose music improvisationally.

Evan Binkley


Evan is an American artist/musician who has been living in Cheung Chau, HK for 10 years. He is best known for his role as the maverick luthier behind Fish Ukulele. He makes his unconventional string instruments mostly out of reused materials and then performs mostly original songs on them.  You can find out more about him at Fish Ukulele on facebook.


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