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​Public Participation Workshop

Precautions for Public Participation Workshop

*Object: I like nature, I like to eat, I like to make it myself
*In order to prevent the spread of the virus, epidemic prevention measures will be taken during the event. Participants are required to wear masks throughout the event and make a health declaration before the event.
*The event may be postponed or relocated due to the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the updates on the Facebook page of Art Home.
* Once registered, no refunds will be provided.

"Who knows the pond" pilot activity-draw the winter migratory birds in your heart

Artist: Two-legged walk

Introduction: Have you ever wondered how the birds and fish ponds that spend the winter in Hong Kong affect each other? How do human activities change the ecology of birds? The artist is making a fish pond ecological simulation game, allowing everyone to discover the influence and reason behind different results through various choices. This event invites everyone to go to the fish pond to observe and draw the winter migratory birds around you. The artist will input your work into the game set and turn it into an animation and project it on the wall to let you see how interesting they move. !


Date: 6/2/2021 (Sat), 7/2/2021 (Sun)


Time: 10:00 -12:00


Quota: 10 people

Cost: $50

Studio Biped公眾參與活動(1).png
Studio Biped公眾參與活動.png

"Tangshi, one, shouldn't it!" 》

Artist: Chen Baijian

Introduction: Under different roofs, no matter what kind of weather, we are always connected in the cycle of "eating" in nature. The audience came next to the fish pond in Tai Sang Wai, and they could choose one of the wooden "single eaves" scattered on different positions of the fish pond foundation and sit down. On the seat, there will be a pre-prepared "single meal box" for you. Just scan the QR Code on the meal box, and you will start to listen to a recording instruction. You can use your five senses to refine it while breathing slowly. A light meal prepared by Weiyutang for you.

Date: 6/2/2021 (Sat), 7/2/2021 (Sun)

Time: 13:00 -14:30 / 15:30 -17:00

(The content of the two periods are the same. Participants please choose one of them to participate)

Quota: 9 people per session

Cost: $50

*Participants need to bring their own headphones.
*Bento is a light lunch, it is recommended to eat dinner by yourself before experiencing the work.


"You Li"

Artist: Li Yingshan

Introduction: The water in the fish pond is the source of life. It is not difficult to find the vitality of nature between the water surface and the bottom line, and the ecological cycle of survival and death is also close at the same time. We will use the fish pond as the stage to introduce the sound of nature and make an impromptu performance.

We sincerely invite you to participate in this "Sound Walk" between the countryside and the city to listen to and feel the unique sound environment of Dashengwei.

And make your unique "Bird Music"* and sing and sing together in the fish pond.

*A sound generator that mimics the chirping of birds

Sound Performance: Fiona Lee Li Yingshan Environmental Dance: Sabrina Wong Huang Duru

Date: 6/2/2021 (Sat), 7/2/2021 (Sun)

Time: 10:00 -12:30

Quota: 6 people

Cost: $50

Fiona Lee.jpg



Artist: Implicit, Gu Qin

Introduction: New Year is a good time for sugar. Have you ever thought of making preservative-free handmade sugar from local ingredients? This time the artist will teach you how to make buttery toffee from bananas grown in Tai Sang Wai, with decomposable and edible wrapping paper.


Date: 6/2/2021 (Sat), 7/2/2021 (Sun)

Time: 13:00 -14:30 / 15:30 -17:00

(The content of the two periods are the same. Participants please choose one of them to participate)

Quota: 6 people per session

Cost: $50

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