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(Music actor, sound designer | Co-founder, Sky City Project)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, he graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in sound design and music recording. Since 2008, he has participated in local and overseas stage and art work. His works have been exhibited in Hawaii, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Taiwan.


One of the founding members of the "Empty City Project", a non-profit art organization, to use Hong Kong's abandoned space for cultural activities. In 2016, Shi planned and produced the "Fragrant Village" album: Ten pairs of Hong Kong indie musicians from the villagers of Ping Che, Kwu Tung and Ma Shi Po in the northeast of the New Territories knew each other, used the stories of the villagers to create music, and made the sound of the village with the music. Perform in unison, let all walks of life understand stories from Hong Kong villages with music.

"Xiangcun" has performed in music festivals in Hong Kong and Taiwan and has been well received.

photo by Jesse Clockwork


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