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DIY Kit & Tutorial Video

Fantastic Kaleidoscope DIY Kit


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Fantastic Kaleidoscope DIY Kit
Fantastic Kaleidoscope DIY Kit

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DIY Kit & Tutorial Video


【Fantastic Kaleidoscope DIY Kit】


During her stay in Sok Kwu Wan, artist-in-residence Peggy Chan wandered around South Lamma to search for interesting creatures on the island. She has been astonished by the rich biodiversity of the island and has even transformed the natural aura of this place into a cyanotype kaleidoscope DIY kit. You can easily make your own kaleidoscope by following the instructions in our tutorial video.


Quota: 30

Age: 6 yrs old or above (Parents' supervision is advised)

Language of Tutorial Video: Cantonese

Deadline for registration: 4/4/2022 (Mon)


*Free admission

*The material kit will be sent by SF Express in 5 days after the deadline

*Link to the tutorial video will be sent out upon successful registration

*Each person can only register for one kit. Duplicate applications will not be processed.

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About the Artist:


Peggy Chan

Chan received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Her works usually originate from her everyday experience and imagination, attempting to explore the triangular relationship between the individual, the city and nature. Cyanotype, a traditional photographic printing process, has been Chan's favourite medium in her recent works. Highly relied on sunlight and time in the creation process, her cyanotype works evoke the uncertainty of nature, signifying how our lives flow along with the ever-changing environment.


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