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 Luotang student works 


Floating shadow

Floating Shadows

LI Pui Hei Antonie

Bamboo, cotton thread and fish shreds

This work uses the principle of kites to show three common birds in Taishengwai on the fish pond, and uses silhouettes of different poses to simulate their alternate flight in the air.


Landscape Mirror

Scenery Fantascope

FUNG Ching Kuen, LAU Yuen Ting

Wood, glass bottle

This is a set of art installations made with ready-made items and natural materials collected from the local fish ponds in Tai Sang Wai. Imitate the appearance of a monocular telescope often used in bird watching activities. In the glass bottle, put some small objects or draw some abstract patterns on the bottom of the bottle to present some of the artist's fantasy to the audience.




Huang Xiaoling WONG Siu Ling June

Mixed media

An active fisherman is divided into multiple stationary fishermen and combined into a device. In the fish pond, they were driven by the wind and regrouped back to the fishermen in the activity, a daily action that became unfamiliar.



Tai Sang Mobile

YAO Cheuk Ni

Dynamic sculpture

The theme of the work is the close relationship between fishermen and nature. Fishermen use various tools to intervene in nature, on the one hand for their livelihoods, on the other hand they play an important role in balancing the ecology. The sculpture swings with the wind, as if to imply the difference between man and nature.



Stamping Tai Sang Wai

CHAN Wing Sze, CHUNG Siu Fung, CHAN Wai Tung, CHENG Hoi Yan, WONG Ka Yi, LAU Cathleen Ching Yee, LIT Wing Hung, LIT Wing Hung, LUI Tze Hei

Plastic color, video, music

People, fish ponds, and torii gates have nourished the endless life of the age. We walked into Dashengwei, and painted a mural to unite the best wishes of man and nature on the tin hut of my aunt.

Haoyue's Hut is on the only way to the fish pond. The work gently depicts the scenery of Tai Sang Wai from Jiwei to the fish pond. People come here from place to place, and the birds and fish cycle endlessly. At the same time, it depicts the life of fishermen scraping fish, and the aconite is prosperous year after year. The seal of the QR Code hides the memory of the owner of the cottage and compiles the melody of the bird and water of Tai Sang Wai.

The sound of the fish pond

The Sound of Fishpond

CHAN Wing Sze


The unique sound recorded in the fish pond of Tai Sang Wai, coupled with the original melody, gives the audience a new listening experience.


The sounds of birds, water, and walking are recorded in the fish pond mixed into the original melody. Starting with the sound of the clock, and then hearing the sound of footsteps entering the fish pond, it means that you have entered the natural environment. Gradually, you hear the unique sounds of birds in Tai Sang Wai and the sound of fish swimming in the fish pond. It is hoped that the audio will reproduce the process of changing the sound from the city into the Tai Sang Wai fish pond, so that the audience can experience the environment of the fish pond in another way.


Rest shape

The Forms of Resting

CHAN Hoi Ting, CHUNG Tsz Yi, CHUNG Wing Sum, WONG Yat Yi,

Zhong Aiwen CHUNG Oi Man, Jiang Jiaxi KEUNG Ka Hei, Nie Jiayu NIP Ka Yu Weng Kaitong ONG Hoi Tung,

Huang Fengzhen WONG Fung Ching, HO Kit Yee, LEUNG Cheuk Yiu, MA Man Kiu Meko,

Huang Dijun WONG David, Chen Zhilin CHAN Tsz Lam, Zhou Yongzhi CHOW Wing Gi, Law Hau Yee Vanessa,

Tsang Piying TSANG Ka Wing Trinity, Gong Nuoyan KUNG Nok In, Cheng Jingcheng CHENG King Shing, Li Yongshi LEE Wing Sze,

Zhuang Yinxue CHONG Yan Suet, Huang Miaoying WONG Miu Ying, Lai Jinlang LAI Chun Long, Lin Keyue LIM Natalie Rachel,

Mok Ching Man

Mixed media

Dashengwei is a place where there are hard-working fishermen and migratory birds flying thousands of miles to rest. The students who take the space study hope to study the possibilities of various devices that allow migratory birds or people to rest and connect with the environment.

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