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Works by Ma Zhiheng

Migratory birds
Bird of Passage

Short film

A Bao applied for a dance scholarship, and if he succeeded, he could study abroad. At the time of the New Year's cleaning, she occasionally picked up old things and remembered the shadow of her childhood. Since his parents divorced, A Bao has been dependent on his grandfather for fate, staring at his grandfather's fishing movements, only to realize that he is old and old. A Bao was afraid that the old man would feel lonely after he left. She wanted to talk to her grandfather about her ideals during the reunion dinner, but she was helpless...

Collaborative classmates

Lin Xizhi, Kwong Entong, Jian Lezhi, Xie Zhuoxuan, Li Niancong, Zhong Xiaotong, Jian Zhuowen, Li Xinyue, Mak Shiqi, Chen Weilong

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