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Works by He Yuanliang

Big fish house
Big Fish House

Mud Grass Sculpture

Use the method of constructing natural earth buildings to make a big fish sculpture in a big pond. The sculpture uses natural soil and plant fibers. The structure of the wall can dissipate the wind and dissipate heat, dispel the cold and keep warm, just like knowing how to breathe. The size of the sculpture is large enough and hollow, so the audience can feel the temperature inside. It is a work that can be viewed or visited.

Collaborative classmates

Liu Wanting, Chen Nuanjuan, Chen Qianheng, Peng Yixi, Feng Zhengquan, Ye Jiafang, Li Peixi, Huang Xiaoling, Qiu Zhuoni

Dasheng Floating Island
Tai Sang Floating Island

Environmental device

Dasheng Floating Island is a small green floating island named after Dashengwei. It is hoped that the establishment of the floating island will lead to better ecological development of fish ponds. Birds can stay for food, turtles go ashore to rest, plants on the island attract insects and small creatures to colonize, and some become food for fish. The roots of plants can play a filtering and cleaning function like natural wetlands and improve water quality. As a whole, it is an environmental device that contributes to the development of biological ecology.

Collaborative classmates

Liu Wanting, Feng Zhengquan, Huang Xiaoling, Qiu Zhuoni


Bubble house
Foam House

Environmental device

The Foam House is a few small and solid foam huts, hanging high at the end of the long bamboo and swaying in the air. Birds can neither enter the house nor stay on the roof. The situation depends on the wind at the time. A house is an image that can be viewed from a distance but cannot be approached. The creative concept comes from the contrast between the empty environment of the fish pond and the surrounding high-rise buildings, which reminds people of the difficulty of living in Hong Kong, where it is difficult for birds and people to find a foothold.

big fish
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