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Works of Tanabe Art Institute

As If Echoes

Collaborative classmates

Lie Wing Hong, Lu Zhixi, Huang Jiayi, Zheng Kaiyin, Chen Yingsi, Chen Weitong, Zhong Zhaofeng, Liu Jinger

Big star dodecahedron

Bamboo, rubber band

A journey that combines space (bamboo), environment (pond mud), text (sensation).

From the perspective of a group of stars descending on the Dashengwei and substituting for the birds and fishes, with this land, observe how the surrounding and self reflect and inherit, and how the various existences harmonize.

Local poems

Pond mud, branches, beeswax, paper, twine

In the two days of experience, we used crayons made from the soil collected from the fish pond to write poems on the ground together, put light on, practice slowly breathing, and listen at the moment.

So I found that from the heart to the daily.

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