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​How to get there

There is only one one-way road and one minibus line to and from Tai Sang Wai. In order not to affect the daily life of residents, I suggest you:


1. Sign up to participate in the arts festival's rich activities, priority will be given to taking the shuttle bus to and from Tai Sang Wai and Yuen Long West Rail Station or

2. Gather your family and friends, take a taxi from Yuen Long West Rail Station to Tai Sang Wai Village Office

 (The journey takes about 15 minutes and the fare is about $45)

Tai Sang Wai lacks sufficient parking spaces. Participants are advised not to drive private cars.

​Shuttle bus waiting area

​Details will be announced later


1. The conference will provide fresh water, but there is no restaurant in Tai Sang Wai. If necessary, please bring your own food, drinks and water bottles, and keep the environment clean

2. It is recommended to wear clothing suitable for outdoor activities

3. The activity space is mainly outdoors, please bring your own rain gear and hat, etc.

4. The residents of Taishengwei are mainly elderly. Please greet them enthusiastically. Please do not take photos of the villagers’ houses without consent.

5. Please pay attention to the volume and avoid harassing villagers, birds and other creatures

6. Do not use fishermen's tools or boats without permission.

Notes for registration

1. If you want to participate in more than one activity, please ensure that the time of each activity does not overlap.


2. Once the registration is confirmed, there will be no change, transfer or refund.


3. During the festival, the organizer will provide a shuttle bus service between Yuen Long West Rail Station and Tai Sang Wai. Participants who have registered can take priority with tickets.


4. The activity quota is first-come-first-served, while stock lasts.


5. In the event of severe weather, the organizer will notify the participants of the latest arrangements via email in due course, so stay tuned.

6. The organizer will take photos during the festival and use them for online promotion. Please pay attention.

7. The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on the event arrangement.

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