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Edmund Leung

Edmund Leung, (probably) one of the best Handpan players in Hong Kong, the mastermind of the band The Interzone Collective, is good at making different musical instruments and sounds like building blocks to create an elegant and extraordinary musical castle. The Interzone Collective is a combination of traditional musical instruments. Combining a variety of national musical instruments, it creates a beautiful, Zen fantasy, and agitated sound, straight into the subconscious of the human head. He believes: "Music can open a window of the subconscious." Edmund has devoted himself to and promoted independent music since the 1990s. He is one of the guitarist, composer, lyricist and vocalist of the Hong Kong indie rock band...huh!? "Yes...Music for Felines". At the same time, he has also supervised songs and albums for many popular and independent musicians. The independent musicians he has supervised include two albums by the orchestra Zhu Lingling (Zhu Lingling once picked up the 2007 best albums) The music pop chart awards ceremony is the best new band in the music industry, the new city’s best new debut group and the 8th Chinese Music Media Awards, the best new band in the Metropolitan Music Awards Ceremony, and the two albums of the Black Box (they won a new force in the music industry in 1995) Combination Silver Award and 1996 Bronze Medal in the Music Circle), Huang Qiusheng’s "Di-Yan Rock" (in 1995, the Shangtai Grand Award Ceremony won the gold medal for the leading male singer in the music industry), two albums by Goodmorningloria, etc. He used to be the music producer of the Hong Kong Commercial Radio program "Open-minded Music Sky". He is currently the main curator of the creation of the orchestra The Interzone Collective, and is engaged in the music planning of various dance groups in Hong Kong. Edmund was hailed as an "extraordinary senior musician" a long time ago. Until now, the depth and breadth of his thoughts are still expanding. From rock and roll electric guitars and drums to the new instrument Handpan that only appeared on this earth in 2000, His pursuit of ideological breakthroughs is consistent.

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