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A diverse artist, he studied drama at the Academy of Performing Arts and also took a diploma course in fashion design at the Bai Yingqi Professional College. He has been a reporter for fashion, women, culture, film, music magazines and film art director. In 2005, he decided to return to the stage to pursue his dreams and continue to learn art. Now he is mainly active in the front-scene creation platform such as figure, theater, dance stepping, modern or improvisational dance, folk theater, performance, etc., but also occasionally wanders in community art and music. , Art education, stage costume/set design or installation art, etc., and write dance columns and art special articles for newspapers and magazines. In recent years, in addition to cooperating with local non-mainstream/traditional independent dance companies, theaters, disability inclusion or children’s performing arts organizations, they have also cooperated with Japan, Taiwan, Beijing, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, etc. He has collaborated with alternative/popular theater, dance and step performance groups or performance/performance groups, and has been invited to participate in many overseas art festivals as guest performances and dance step/physical workshop instructors/guides. The Xingyi Festival was established in 2010. The purpose is to provide Hong Kong’s inertial or established art framework with more possibilities for performances to blend in with music, installations, paintings, text, and images through collaboration with other overseas performers. There is an opportunity to really promote to more general community grassroots and beyond the traditional stage like the ivory tower.

Mo Yingshi@形艺祭(Vinci)

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