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but.t improvises deconstructed primal archetype organization of sound, reconstructed with random found sound structures delineated by limited sound sources, limited linguistic sound vocabulary for vocalisation, limited pitch materials, limited motif materials, limited timbre choices and limited time structure.


The primal archetype influences are Mindanao mourning prayer, Sundanese Kacapi Suling, West African polyrhythm and desert Bedouin chant among many other music around the world.


Their found sound structures are derived from computer microchips, mountains, seaside landscapes and the sound of water running through stones.Their improvisations inform the use of electronic loop manipulation and processing without electronics.


but.t is....


Wilmer Chan on Double Bass, bows, cut-up plastic bottles, plastic and bamboo chopsticks, tin can covers, plastic clips, and foam food containers.


Nelson Hiu on aluminum microphone box, Dong-Xiao, Xun and a bamboo wood Hu-Qin and voice.

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